book_cover“This book is simply the best guide to this subject ever written in Australia. I cannot recommend it more highly.” Greg Millan, President, NSW Men’s Health Forum

“Out on a Limb is an easy, down-to-earth read and something which I would certainly recommend to all fathers about to embark on the process of separation and family litigation.” Vanessa Leishman, Proctor, Queensland Law Society

“My family court is now over with 100% success. Out on a limb has given me more than just legal advice. It prepared me to write the perfect affidavit, to modify my lifestyle prior to going to court so no finger can be pointed at me. It made feel like I had experience already when going to court. I set up my life to be the perfect father for my son and to be the perfect X partner to my son’s mother. Spending $25 on this book saved me at least $10000 dollars in legal fees. If you really want to see your kid and create a well functioning shred custody arrangement without spending a whole years wage on legal fees and destroying your life, I suggest you read this book and prepare your self to be a happy daddy…” Istvan Kovacs

“If you want the best chance possible to have your children in your life as close as practicable…… then you simply have to read this book. You and your children will be the better for it.” Single father, WA

“This book is so full of invaluable advice that you will find yourself wishing you bought it earlier. It’s not expensive, in fact I think some of the contents would cost you much more money and time and pain finding out for yourself the way the author has. Do yourself a favour and get a copy.” Gwynn Hewson, Facebook

“I am blown away. Out on a limb has knocked me off my feet, it’s amazing. This is a book that should be mandatory for anyone before they even consider going to court. Either way anyone going through the system, this book is a MUST it really changed my approach to the court. No solicitor, no judge, no friend can open your eyes as much as this book. I was blown away by the intro and kept on getting blown away through every page. I was amazed that a book could be this powerful and I am a very stubborn man, it changed my life. This book is a life changer!” Maelyne Blair, single father, NSW

“I have finished your book and I would just like to add my congratulations to you for saying it as it should be.” Robert Tilbrooke, Relationships Australia

“I highly recommend this book as a great resource for all separated fathers.” Barry Guidera, CEO, Dads in Distress

Out on a Limb, A Single Father’s Guide to his Family’s Lore of the Jungle, by Simon Turner is a book that is not backward in coming forward, and nor can it afford to be. In the lives of modern Australian men many things are placed in the ‘too-hard basket’, and gaining the care of their kids after a divorce or separation is one of them. Written by a single father who journeyed into the jungle of family lore to find his son, this book contains simple and practical suggestions drawn from his experience and a chanced but valued conversation.

It is not legal advice, nor is it gospel but this book does contain many answers to a multitude of questions any single father on a similar journey will have. For when it’s time for a father to make his journey through this jungle to find ‘what’s best for his kids’, what he will discover is all he needs is some guidance, a lot of patience and a bit of help to reach an agreement.

 This book is a not only a life saver but a life changer for fathers!”  Bradley Jay Lawton, SA

“The book is a great help and has shown me direction with my case. I recommend the read to anyone going through their own proceedings.” Gary Smith, Facebook

“Out on a Limb” is a much needed, practical, down-to-earth, easy read for any bloke battling to avoid a war and remain a father to his children. This book proves that strength is a virtue not a weapon, well done Simon.” Ian (Watto) Watson, Founder of “Shed Happens” and author of “Every Bloke’s a Champion – Even You!”

$25.00 *Includes postage in Australia