book_cover“I am blown away. Out on a limb has knocked me off my feet, it’s amazing. This is a book that should be mandatory for anyone before they even consider going to court. Either way anyone going through the system, this book is a MUST it really changed my approach to the court. No solicitor, no judge, no friend can open your eyes as much as this book. I was blown away by the intro and kept on getting blown away through every page. I was amazed that a book could be this powerful and I am a very stubborn man, it changed my life. This book is a life changer!” Maelyne Blair, single father, NSW

“Out on a Limb is an easy, down-to-earth read and something which I would certainly recommend to all fathers about to embark on the process of separation and family litigation.” Vanessa Leishman, Proctor, Queensland Law Society

“Out on a Limb” is a much needed, practical, down-to-earth, easy read for any bloke battling to avoid a war and remain a father to his children. This book proves that strength is a  virtue not a weapon, well done Simon.” Ian (Watto) Watson, Founder of “Shed Happens” and author of Every Bloke’s a Champion – Even You!

“This book is so full of invaluable advice that you will find yourself wishing you bought it earlier. It’s not expensive, in fact I think some of the contents would cost you much more money and time and pain finding out for yourself the way the author has. Do yourself a favour and get a copy.” Gwynn Hewson, Facebook

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you. I work for an organisation that runs a men’s and relationship counselling service. I recently purchased you book for a partly person and partly resource guide for our counsellors who work on a daily basis with men going through divorce and separation. The book has been immensely helpful for the counselors and is often recommended to our callers. Great work and thank you for such a valuable resource.” D Fabris, On the Line

“This book is simply the best guide to this subject ever written in Australia. I cannot recommend it more highly. Simon’s advice is sound and simple. I get many books sent to my every year to from people writing books with a focus on improving men’s health and wellbeing. Some are good, some not so, but this book I could not put down. It is a fantastic read, and the most simple and informative book I have ever come across on what can be the most difficult of times in men’s lives. This is a great book, well written and I highly recommend you get a copy. My congratulations to Simon Turner for producing the best guide to separation issues for men ever written (so far).” Greg Millan, President NSW Men’s Health Forum

“I often crow about the virtues of constructive activism, having seen too many fathers’ lament in their own misfortune, and spend the rest of their lives complaining and becoming increasingly bitter at a system that seems immovable and unchangeable. Simon Turner is one individual who has done just this; he has done his bit, by turning an ugly event in his life into a strong message of support, and adds another voice that in a positive way encourages change. Ask yourself whether you too can measure up to his standard. If not, then maybe taking a few notes from this book might be the next best thing. In any case, well done Simon, you have written an important book, which will hopefully support many men in their darkest hour of need, and maybe, just maybe, it may also inspire another father to do their bit too.”  Ash Patil, Fathers 4 Equality

This book is a great mix of humour, wisdom, affirmations of dads portioned equally with pragmatic advice. Simon’s ‘Out On A Limb’ has plenty to endorse it to all dads making a case on behalf of their children to be genuinely present in their lives.” Greg McInerney, Dads4Kids, Fatherhood Foundation

“I have finished your book and I would just like to add my congratulations to you for saying it as it should be.” Robert Tilbrooke, Relationships Australia

“The books have been very much appreciated by our clients of single dads from our program. Thank you for providing such an excellent book of inspiration and understanding.” Ruth Parker, Family Educator, Strengthening Separated Families, Uniting Care

“My family court is now over with 100% success. Out on a limb has given me more than just legal advice. It prepared me to write the perfect affidavit, to modify my lifestyle prior to going to court so no finger can be pointed at me. It made feel like I had experience already when going to court. I set up my life to be the perfect father for my son and to be the perfect X partner to my son’s mother. Spending $25 on this book saved me at least $10000 dollars in legal fees. If you really want to see your kid and create a well functioning shred custody arrangement without spending a whole years wage on legal fees and destroying your life, I suggest you read this book and prepare your self to be a happy daddy…” Istvan Kovacs

 “Straight forward honest advice that could have saved me eight years of pain and heartache, not to mention a few dollars” John Anderson, Radio Surveyor

“It is an excellent book for separated fathers that is full of wisdom, valuable reflection and is easy to read.” Andrew King, Groupwork Solutions

“I have recently had the pleasure of reading a new book titled ‘Out on a limb’. Simon Turner has written an easy to read, no nonsense book about what separated fathers can expect to happen in their lives, how they need to work through their issues and some common sense, effective advice. I highly recommend this book as a great resource for all separated fathers.” Barry Guidera, CEO DIDSS

“In the time I needed direction, clarity and just honest truth. I am indebted to you brother. Your book has really lifted my spirit and brightened my soul and outlook in my family jungle. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much! This book is a not only a life saver but a life changer for fathers!”  Bradley Jay Lawton, SA

“I  bought this book as I am dealing (counselling) with many men going through these problems. It’s a great, well written resource!” Carol Kroger, Counsellor

“Out on a Limb by Simon Turner is a Godsend for men like me. An easy to read, practical book full of observations and tips on what is necessary for a man to do, and what not to do, while engaged in the struggle inside and outside of the court, to be the Dad they want to be and the Dad their children need and deserve. If you want the best chance possible to have your children in your life as close as practicable to your own ideal while struggling through the oftentimes confusing legal system then you simply have to read this book. You and your children will be the better for it. Single father of a son and daughter, W.A

“The book is a great help and has shown me direction with my case. I recommend the read to anyone going through their own proceedings.” Gary Smith, facebook

“A book containing helpful and practical suggestions to navigate the journey of separation and divorce. It is not legal advice nor gospel, rather it is real insight and learning’s from his recent experiences and observations…..The book begins with some very clear and straightforward advice from a judge, which radically changed Simon’s understanding and ultimately his situation…..This book provides an opportunity for you to be prepared…..Take the time to grab a copy of Simon’s book and knowledge up. I assure you it will help.” Peter, Dads Online

$25.00 *Includes postage in Australia