“This book is simply the best guide to this subject ever written in Australia. I cannot recommend it more highly.” Greg Millan, President, NSW Men’s Health Forum

“If you want the best chance possible to have your children in your life as close as practicable…… then you simply have to read this book. You and your children will be the better for it.” Single father, WA

“This book is so full of invaluable advice that you will find yourself wishing you bought it earlier. It’s not expensive, in fact I think some of the contents would cost you much more money and time and pain finding out for yourself the way the author has. Do yourself a favour and get a copy.” Gwynn Hewson, Facebook

Out on a Limb, A Single Father’s Guide to his Family’s Lore of the Jungle, is a book that is not backward in coming forward, and nor can it afford to be. It is a way forward for any single father who is not sure where to begin – from the bloke in the pub with his head in his beer to the executive still sitting behind his desk at 9pm at night. It is a guide that sheds light on the simple fact that fighting is only going to cause a bigger argument and what a father truly seeks is some certainty through an agreement and a say in what’s best for his kids.

‘Out on a Limb’ contains 72 easy to read chapters of straight forward advice and man-sense, based on three simple rules of a Family Court Judge. The chapters are divided into 6 sections, The lore of the jungle, The animal kingdom, Welcome to the jungle, The lay of the land, Animal behaviour and The end of the tale. Contained in these sections are a multitude of answers to a vast number of situations any single father who is prepared to journey through his family’s lore of the jungle may face – along the way. It’s not the gospel, nor is it legal advice, but it will inform you, hopefully prepare you and with a bit of luck guide you out of the jungle.

Out on a Limb” is a much needed, practical, down-to-earth, easy read for any bloke battling to avoid a war and remain a father to his children. This book proves that strength is a virtue not a weapon, well done Simon.”
Ian (Watto) Watson, Founder of “Shed Happens” and author of “Every Bloke’s a Champion – Even You!”

$25.00 *Includes postage in Australia